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Q: I've started seeing this guy we've been on two dates and he seems quite forward(telling me I make him hard and stuff) when he kisses me , would it be slutty if I slept with him on the third date? I'm new to this whole dating thing and I'm really self conscious so I'd probably only sleep with him if the lights were off is that weird? And do I stay the night or go home? I'm so new to all this my last relationship was 2 years ago and it kind of just happened without dating

There is no set time for when you should sleep with a guy, just do what comes naturally. Don’t feel forced to do it because he is a bit forward
A lot of people like having sex with the lights off, it isn’t weird :)
Also with the staying over after or not, that should be your choice on how you feel afterwards!

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Q: So my boyfriend wants me to ride his dick but I never really rode one before and I asked him how so he can enjoy it but hes being to shy on telling me what he wants. Can you give me a tip please?

Tell him that the only way you can do what he likes is by him telling you!

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Q: I want to have sex with my boyfriend in his car. How do I go about getting him to do it with me. Should I do it in the front seat or have sex In the back seat

I find that the back seat is easier and better to hide

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Q: Is it weird or strange that I'm a virgin but I'm addicted to pleasuring myself?

Of course not!

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